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Our Story

Wild Fork Way
Wild Fork Way

Our Idea

We set out to transform the way we shop for and consume meat.

By controlling every step of the process from farm to fork we ensure you get the highest quality, biggest selection and most consistent eating experience.

Our Promise

We bring you the biggest selection of highest quality meats at the most affordable prices. It's at the core of everything we do.

This is the Wild Fork Way.

Skirt Steak


We source beef from the best slow feeders in Nebraska and Colorado. This region produces some of the top cattle in the world due to the cold climate and lush grasslands.


We age all of our beef in a climate controlled environment for 17 days, which enhances the flavor and tenderness. We age our pork for a minimum of 8 days – an industry first – best stuff.

We believe consistency is key to keep our high quality standards, that's why we buy from the same suppliers throughout the year to bring you the best eating experience every time.

Ribeye Roast
Our Freezing Process
Our Freezing Process

Blast Freezing

Blast freezing reduces crystallization and maintains juiciness, preserving the flavor and tenderness.

We blast freeze our meats at the peak of freshness and maintain them at frozen temperatures throughout the supply chain. We monitor and control the process at every step.

Buying fresh isn’t as fresh as you might think. Most places carry meat that has been transported long distances at sometimes inconsistent temperatures.

Frozen is Fresher. It’s how we ensure the consistent great taste of our meat.

wild fork way diagram
Low Prices
Low Prices

Wild Fork to You

The food industry has traditionally had lots of stops from the farm to your fork. By taking out steps on that journey we can maintain total control of the product.

By going direct from our sources to you, we can provide low prices WITHOUT any compromise in quality.

supply chain process
Large Assortment
Large Assortment


We source a wide range of products, all connected by our high standards of quality.

Whether you are shopping for a special event, Monday night dinner or Monday Night Football we have mouthwatering products that will bring a smile to your face.

Unique Selection

Some of the cuts we carry may not be what you’ve heard of, or seen commonly, but we believe in carrying a variety of options for everyone. There is so much to explore, and we’re here to guide you.

product assortment
product assortment

Same Day Delivery

Our promise is to make your shopping experience easy and convenient. That's why every product is carefully chosen and packed, like you were picking them yourself. Delicious cuts delivered to your door by dinner time if you order before 4:00 pm and shipping is FREE.

We also offer Ground Delivery and FREE Store Pick-Up.

Convenient Packaging

All of our cuts are tailored to your needs. That's why we offer three different types of packaging: Vacuum Sealed Packages, Saddle Packs and Individual Quick Frozen Packs (IQF).

packaging images


By purchasing food frozen at the peak of freshness you waste less and save more.

According to the NRDC 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is not eaten. Research published in the British Food Journal states that 47% less food is wasted at home with frozen food when compared to non-frozen.


Our convenient packaging allows you to prepare only what you need. Just take the amount you want to prepare for your meal and leave the rest in the freezer.

chicken bag
chicken bag

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