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"I had been looking for good cuts of Black Angus for so long.
I can't believe my search is finally over"

Chiara. Miami, FL

The quality of the products I bought was very good.
The delivery was excellent.

Fernanda. Pompano, FL.

"I grew up on a farm with cows and chickens -so I know what quality tastes like.
Wild Fork Foods products remind me of my childhood."

Caron. Doral, FL

"I'm from Argentina, so let's just say I have the bar set high for my meat expectations.

My favorites are the Rib Eye Cap, and the Prime Outside Skirt! They both surpass my expectations: tender and savory. The Berkshire Pork is also a must -it's exquisite"

Juana. Miami, FL

“Last night we had the skirt steak, to die for delicious. For sure I'll do all my meat shopping at Wild Fork.”

Charles. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

"Flash Frozen is the way to go and it gave us the ability to stock up on fresh meat -especially when there is a sale, without worrying about spoilage.
The food was DELICIOUS!!"

Rhonda. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

"I've bought their meats within the past month and the ribeye steak that we had for dinner was one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life.
All the products I ordered were still frozen after I got home.
It comes well packaged and the prices are great. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know!"

Kristina S.F. Jacksonville, FL.

"We ordered under $40 and with free shipping and we did not have to repackage or spend gas driving to pick up.

Delivered quickly and packed perfectly. At this point in time we are EXTREMELY impressed."

Dottie J.M. Jasper, FL.