Where does your beef come from?

Our beef is better. It’s that simple. We age all of our beef to perfection to develop peak flavor and tenderness. You’ll taste the Wild Fork difference in one bite. Our U.S. beef comes from the best slow feeders in regions such as Nebraska and Colorado, where the cooler climate and lush grasslands produce some of the top cattle in the world. We also source Wagyu beef from Japan and Australia and are expanding our global assortment to include other imported beef cuts from South America. We will always let you know what country any product is sourced from right on the website product page and packaging labels.

What's the difference between grass fed and grass finished beef?

Our grass-fed beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, meaning we keep the cattle grazing on grass pastures for the entire length of their lives, rotating the herd to different areas as they forage for their meals. Other grass-fed cows may receive supplemental organic grains during the grazing season and into winter months, so they are not truly grass-finished.

What do you feed your cattle?

Our farmers feed their cattle differently depending on our program offerings. We strive to partner with farmers that raise their animals without hormones or antibiotics. That’s why most of our animals are either grass-fed, fed non-GMO feed, or vegetarian-fed.

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