Sourced with Care

We’re always on the hunt for the best products to fill your baskets and bellies, and we’re serious about what makes it on your plate. Our butchers, product developers and in-house chefs hand-select and taste-test every product we source. Our U.S. beef comes from the best slow feeders in regions such as Nebraska and Colorado, where the cooler climate and lush grasslands produce some of the top cattle in the world. We also search the high seas and farms near and far for the best products on the planet. That means Iberico Pork from Spain, A5 Wagyu Beef from Japan, seafood from the Mediterranean, and other authentic imported products that pack in premium flavor.

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Aged for Flavor

and Tenderness

All of our beef and pork is wet-aged in a climate-controlled environment to develop the best flavor and tenderness. Wet-aging means that each cut is vacuum-sealed and kept refrigerated, allowing the meat to age in its own juices. The naturally occurring enzymes in the meat tenderize the cut and build up all its flavor.

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Blast Frozen

for Freshness

We blast freeze all of our products to keep your protein fresh until you’re ready to cook it. Blast freezing seals in vitamins & minerals and reduces crystallization, keeping your meat fresher and more flavorful for longer.​ Our process is 10x faster than standard at-home freezing for locked-in taste and tenderness in every bite. Other grocers carry meat that’s been transported long distances at inconsistent temperatures. We maintain frozen temperatures throughout our supply chain, so you know you’re getting safe handling guaranteed.

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Packed to

Reduce Food Waste

Feel good about preparing your meals without throw-away guilt. Plans change all the time. Instead of tossing out what you don’t need or refrigerating it past freshness, enjoy the freedom of frozen! Our packaging is designed for freezer storage to keep your protein fresh for up to 12 months — that’s a year’s worth of freshness at your fingertips! Plus, our products are perfectly portioned so you can cook only what you need and save the rest for later. No more waste. Only amazing taste.

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