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At Wild Fork, our online market is stocked with over 700 items, from your daily meat and seafood staples to rare finds like premium wagyu and exotic meats.

Whether you’re shopping for a weeknight meal or special occasion, we're here to help you with your first Wild Fork haul! Here are our top picks to get you started.

Wild Fork Favorites

We’ve rounded up a collection of our most popular products. These are the items that’ll banish boredom in the kitchen and keep you coming back for more.

Shop these highly rated customer favorites, and we promise you’ll be off to a delicious start.

Everyday Essentials

It’s easy to fill your freezer with meals for the week with the essentials from Wild Fork. Whether grass-fed, organic, wild caught or antibiotic-free, you can count on high-quality products at unmatched prices.

For added convenience, try our pre-seasoned meats or heat-and-eat meals that are ready in minutes.

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