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Product and nutrition info

Our Skinless sashimi grade Atlantic whole salmon fillet has a buttery mouth feel, firm texture and mild flavor that complements any method of cooking or preparation. Our salmon is lower in fat than conventional farmed salmon and offers a brighter taste with no residual fishy flavor on the palate or aroma in the kitchen. Located deep in the southern hemisphere, Chilean Patagonia offers the perfect environment for sustainable aquaculture. Featuring vast stretches of cold, crystal clear water and strong ocean currents, the region is the perfect natural habitat for raising the finest salmon. Sourced from sustainable, responsible and accredited farm, this sashimi grade salmon fillet is BAP certified 4 star Good Alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program. Rich in Omega 3, no growth hormones, no preventative antibiotics are ever used and our salmon has no antibiotics at harvest.

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    Nutritional Facts

    Fact Value
    Ingredients Whole Atlantic Salmon Fillet
    Diet Paleo
    Country of Origin CL
    Package Type Vacuum Sealed Skin
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