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Product and nutrition info

We've partnered with Fossil Farms to bring you this decadent antibiotic-free Foie Gras. Enjoy it with our rustic baguette and a glass of your favorite wine. You will live a restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home. Fossil Farms Foie Gras comes from Moulard Ducks raised in upstate New York by farmers that abide by strict standards of humanely raised, sustainability, and quality. These free-roaming Ducks are fed an all-vegetarian diet and finished with corn for a sweet flavored finish. As part of our Never Ever Program, we never use antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

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    Nutritional Facts

    Fact Value
    Calories (per #g serving) 330
    Ingredients Moulard Duck Liver
    Thickness 1 1/4"
    Country of Origin US
    Package Type Tray
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