The Apex of Steak

The ultimate in luxury, A5 Grade Wagyu is the rarest of all Japanese Wagyu varieties – with less than 1% of all Japanese beef making the cut.

A5 is the highest-level meat grade given in Japan, awarded only to the finest quality beef based on standards such as marbling, meat color, texture, and quality of fat.

When prepared, these deliciously juicy steaks combine to offer a distinctively tender and velvety texture with a sweet, umami taste that will linger on your palate. Our selection is imported from the Miyazaki region in Japan, so you can expect superior quality and exquisite flavor every time.

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Marbling to Marvel Over

A5 Grade Wagyu Beef is known for its luxurious tenderness, high fat content, and rich marbling – a result of the meat’s high-quality breeding. Marbling is evidence that the cattle have been raised with care in lush, open pastures and fed wholesome diets.

These highly sought-after steaks are coveted by meat lovers for their legendary marbling, which gives it that melt-in-your-mouth texture we know you’ll love.

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Made in Miyazaki

We source our A5 Wagyu Beef from MiyazakiGyu cattle born and raised in the Miyazaki prefecture in Japan.

This superior breed is the two-time champion of the Wagyu Olympics (2007, 2012) and has also received the Prime Minister’s Award of Excellence three consecutive times.

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