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Yellowfin Tuna Fillets

4 pieces
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With mildly sweet flesh that's often served as sashimi, Yellowfin Tuna – also known as Ahi Tuna – is a true delicacy. You can quickly pan-sear these steaks, creating a slightly crisp crust around the outside but leaving the inside rare to medium-rare. No time to cook? Just put the fillets directly in the oven from the freezer for a fast and easy protein addition to any meal. These fillets were sustainably sourced from local fisherman, it's also antibiotic-free, has no added hormones, no preservatives, or artificial pigments, is gluten free and CO-free, our tuna is hand-line caught in the Maldives. A piece of tuna will lose its red color and turn brown over a period of a few days when exposed to air (oxidation). The same piece when treated with CO retains an artificial "watermelon" like red appearance indefinitely. Our "brown" Yellowfin Tuna is the actual, natural color nature intended!

    Nutritional Facts
    Calories (per #g serving) 120
    Ingredients Yellowfin Tuna Steaks
    Diet Paleo
    Country of Origin MV
    Package Type Individual Quick Frozen Bag

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