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Product and nutrition info

We've partnered up with Fossil Farms brands to bring you their Wisconsin grown White Pheasants. Our pheasants are 100% all-natural, these Birds are humanely raised with a focus on environmental sustainability. After the Pheasants have matured indoors for about 2-3 weeks, they are brought outside into open-air pens. These open-air pens allow the Pheasants to freely go about their natural way and the ability to spread their wings. Fossil Farms' Pheasants forage on a native vegetarian diet of seeds and grain. This specific breed of Pheasant produces meatier breasts and legs resulting in a higher yield. The flavor profile of Pheasant is similar to chicken and turkey. The American Heart Association recommends Pheasant as a lean and healthy protein. As part of our Never-Ever program, NEVER EVER means we: NEVER use therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. NEVER use supplemental hormones or growth-promoters. NEVER feed animals any type of animal by-product.

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    Nutritional Facts

    Fact Value
    Calories (per #g serving) 200
    Ingredients Pheasant
    Country of Origin US
    Package Type Vacuum Sealed Skin
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