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We have partnered with Fossil Farms to bring you the most exquisite and healthy proteins. Recognized by the American Heart Association as a lean and healthy red meat, Venison is the meat of a game animal and especially a deer. doe or buck with a clean flavor profile similar to a very lean, mild beef meat cut. Our Venison is grass-finished and part of the Cervena Program, which means it is a premium meat from the best pastures in New Zealand. It has been naturally produced, and processed in accredited plants, according to a system of high quality standards. Fire up the grill and make healthy, savory burgers, or heat up the stove and make chili or tacos with our ground venison. We promise you won’t regret it. As part of our Never-Ever program, this means we: - NEVER use therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics - NEVER use supplemental hormones or growth-promoters - NEVER feed any type of animal by-product

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    Nutritional Facts

    Fact Value
    Ingredients Venison
    Country of Origin NZ
    Package Type Vacuum Sealed Pocket
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