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Spanish Style Chistorra

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Spanish chistorra is a type of quickly cured sausage from the Basque region. In many ways it's like a kind of chorizo made of minced pork. It's packed with flavor thanks to its nice, rich fat content, with wonderful flavors of garlic, salt and paprika, which gives it a bright red hue. Chistorra is typically baked, fried or grilled and is great as an accompaniment to a main course or served as part of a traditional tapas. It's very easy to prepare, so try it at your next gathering and see what people think!

Country of Origin: United States of America
Nutrition Info
Ingredients Pork, pork fat, paprika, curing salt (salt, sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite) garlic, spices, sodium lactacte, sodium (d) acetate.
Spanish Style Chistorra nutritional facts

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