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Experience the ultimate blend of BBQ mastery and live music at the 'Rhythm & Roast Celebrity BBQ Chef Cook-off, presented by Wild Fork. Join us for a celebration of food, wine, and good vibes.

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Watch as two top chefs, Jason Wilson, the BBQ and Bourbon Meat Therapy Master, and Erica Roby, Food Network Champion, engage in a culinary throw-down and one winner will be titled Wild Fork Foods "The Chosen One.” Followed by a live musical performance by Jazlynn Q and sounds by DJ Bellz. Experience an unforgettable fusion of flavor and rhythm, where BBQ meets beats.

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Witness a Spectacular Chef Cook-off

Watch as top pitmasters turn up the heat in the Wild Fork Foods BBQ Cook-Off! Starting at 4 PM, witness the battle for the title of BBQ Champion, where flavor and creativity collide.

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Dive into a world of unique tastes and aromas at Rhythm & Roast with our exotic meats showcase. From the smoky depths of our pits, we bring you an adventurous selection of meats that will tantalize your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons.

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