At Wild Fork, respect for the planet drives our decisions, and we're committed to providing an experience that's good for the Earth and all of you.

As part of this commitment, we’re excited to introduce new sustainable box liners that are better for the environment, fully curbside recyclable, and proven to keep your shipment frozen – or your money back.

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Curbside Recyclable

Our new ClimaCell insulated liners are made from 90% renewable corn starch and paper that’s completely non-toxic and easy to recycle at home. When you receive your shipment, the liner can go right in your recycling bin, alongside the cardboard box it came in. Additionally, the manufacturing process used to produce these sustainable liners reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 65% compared to Styrofoam.

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How It Works

ClimaCell liners are proven to keep your order frozen or your money back. This starch-based foam alternative provides a sturdy structure, is water-repellent, and functions just like Styrofoam to trap air and maintain the desired temperature inside your shipment. After testing these liners in our deliveries, we found that both the frozen products and ambient temperature inside of the box remained sub-zero the entire time.

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Insulation That Lasts

With ClimaCell liners, items can remain frozen in transit for up to 96 hours. At Wild Fork, all of our shipments reach customers within 48 hours and are packed with enough dry ice to sit at your doorstep until 10 p.m. in case you aren’t home when it arrives.

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