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We have partnered with Fossil Farms to bring you the most exquisite and healthy proteins. Recognized by the American Heart Association as a lean and healthy red meat, Venison is a mild meat with a clean flavor profile similar to a very lean beef meat cut. Our Venison is grass-finished and part of the Cervena Program, which means it is a premium meat from the best pastures in New Zealand., It has been naturally produced, and processed in accredited plants, according to a system of high quality standards. BBQ ribs have never been this healthy and tasty. Season them with our House Steak Seasoning or simply marinade them over-night for a delicious treat that –for once, will benefit your heart and taste buds. As part of our Never-Ever program, this means we: - NEVER use therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics - NEVER use supplemental hormones or growth-promoters - NEVER feed any type of animal by-product

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    Ingredients Venison
    Country of Origin NZ
    Package Type Vacuum Sealed Pocket
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