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Product and nutrition info

Our Prime Short Ribs are not only cut extra thick, but also flanken-style. This means cut across the bone, so that each piece contains 3-4 small pieces of bone between areas of meat, with layers of delicious marble across the muscle, making it perfect for dishes like Korean BBQ and Braising. These ribs have exceptional marbling, flavor and tenderness, with a strong beef flavor and juicy finish thanks to its unique fat composition and tendon muscularity. Only 1% of all U.S. beef grades as Prime, and this is it. Savor its beautiful tenderness and rich, beefy flavor over a good flame, and be reminded of why you only need the grill to enjoy this delicious cut.

Product's Accredited Badges

  • USDA Prime

Nutritional Facts

Fact Value
Calories (per #g serving) 290
Ingredients Beef
Thickness 2 1/2"
Country of Origin US
Package Type Vacuum Sealed Bag
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