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Black Angus Bone-In Beef Rib Short Ribs give you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the rich, succulent marbling found in ribeye steaks plus the deep flavor of a good chuck roast. Cook this one slowly to get it nice and tender. This cut is derived from the short plate section of the cattle. The sub-primal sits right under the rib in cattle and is known to deliver products that have great tenderness and flavor. As opposed to chuck short ribs, Rib Short Ribs are a lot more marbled and tender. The richness in marbling of this product gives it a wagyu-like appearance. And because it's so tender, it goes great on the grill as well. USDA Choice is the second highest-grade beef that we offer, with a little less fat marbling than Prime but still plenty to work with. Choice is very nice quality meat, particularly when cut from the loin and rib areas. Black Angus represents our highest-quality breed and grading. We source our Black Angus cattle from the grain-rich areas of the Northern Plains, specifically Nebraska and Colorado – two states known for producing the richest Black Angus cattle available. We carefully choose small family ranchers with a passion for raising high-quality cattle, and our partners fully understand what is required to achieve a memorable eating experience, such as traditional slow-feeding. Slow-feeding gives these cattle ample time to develop generous amounts of marbling, which elevates the eating experience of Black Angus beef. Over time, the breed marbles naturally and abundantly, for extraordinarily rich layers of complex, buttery beef flavors.

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