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Blackened Salmon and Sautéed Fingerling Potatoes with Black Beans, Corn and Peppers with Garlic Butter Sauce

Learn New Skills:
• Sautéing salmon and achieving crispy skin
• Working with spices
• Making sauces
• Sautéing vegetables

Shopping List:

4 x Skin-On King Salmon Fillets

1 x Blackened Seasoning

1 x Seafood Sauce

1 x Fingerling Potatoes with Thyme Sprigs

1 x Santa Fe Medley

1 x Frozen Garlic


King Salmon, caught on the Pacific Coast, are celebrated for their unmistakable buttery texture. Our chef will show you how to showcase that texture with blackening season featuring four different kinds of pepper and the sweetness of brown sugar. You’ll pan-fry the skin-on fish so that it explodes with flavor and a nice balance of sweet heat. The fish is best served with a tasty and colorful Fingerling potato hash featuring black beans, corn and bell peppers. A garlic butter seafood sauce balances the flavors on the plate and rounds out this delectable meal.

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