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Learn more about where our seafood variety comes form.

Wild Caught

Our wild-caught seafood is harvested by fishing vessels from the seafood's natural habitat, from oceans to rivers and lakes. These species have no interference with their natural feeding patterns or habits, meaning they're often susceptible to predators and unreliable food sources. However, their constant movement and variety in diet gives our wild-caught seafood a unique depth of flavor. Local governments often enforce policies to keep their natural populations from being overfished to ensure the longevity of this food source.

Sustainably Raised

Aquaculture is an alternative to catching seafood in the wild, as it can be a sustainable way to grow our food within a controlled environment. Our sustainably raised seafood is harvested in various environments, from traditional aquaculture tanks to open-net pens in natural bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and ponds. Aquaculture farmers maintain strict standards and provide a balanced and reliable diet that mimics the species’ natural environment without any predators.


Explore our new premium seafood selections from the Mediterranean.

Sea Bream Fillets

Source: Portugal
Sustainably Farm Raised

Also called Dorade, Sea Bream is widely considered by chefs to be the tastiest fish. Its meat is white and flaky with plenty of sweet flavor. We recommend enjoying our skin-on Sea Bream Fillets baked, pan fried, grilled, steamed, or roasted.

Cooked Octopus Flower

Source: Spain
Wild Caught

Our Octopus Flower — named for the way its tentacles curl like a flower in bloom – comes from Spain, home of the best octopus in the world. Octopus from Mediterranean waters have a delicate, ocean-like flavor without tasting fishy.

Atlantic Cod Loin

Source: Portugal
Wild Caught

Cut from the thickest section of the fish, Cod Loins are like the Filet Mignon cut of a cod fish. Enjoy this white, flaky, and delicate fish with a mild flavor that makes it a popular and versatile pick for seafood lovers.

Turbot Fillets

Source: Portugal
Sustainably Farm Raised

Often called the Pheasant of the Sea, Turbot is known for its exquisite flavor. Our Turbot Fillets have a sweet, mild taste with delicate flesh and fine flake. When preparing Turbot, it’s best to accent its subtle flavor, not mask it.

Whole Turbot

Source: Portugal
Sustainably Farm Raised

Baking or roasting Turbot whole is one of the best ways of cooking this premium fish. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, and coat with plenty of salt, which will seal in moisture and make the fish succulent but not salty.

Whole Guinean Sole

Source: Portugal
Wild Caught

Sole is a delicacy of European cuisine, often filleted tableside at restaurants. This delicate white fish has a mild, sweet flavor. We recommend baking or roasting until the flesh easily pulls away from the bone to enjoy this premium fish.


Looking for a quick & easy seafood dinner? From cook-in-bag glazed fillets to seafood with flavored butters, all of these products can be baked from frozen, so you can save time defrosting and start cooking.


Whether you prefer salmon that's mild and firm or flavorful and delicate, we're here to guide you on shopping for different salmon species.


Source: South Pacific Coast (Chile)
Sustainably Ocean Raised

  • Beloved for its mild flavor and versatility
  • Moderately firm and oily, though not as fatty as wild-caught species
  • Can be recognized by its pinkish-orange color
  • Retains its hue when cooked and should flake nicely


Source: North Pacific Coast (Alaska)
Wild Caught

  • Known for its bright red or orange-red color
  • Firmer texture than Atlantic Salmon
  • Rich in healthy Omega-3 fats because the Sockeye carries a large amount of fat to survive its long migration
  • Marinade lightly and simply grill to showcase its distinct flavor


Source: North Pacific Coast (Alaska)
Wild Caught

  • Largest of the Pacific salmon species
  • Often considered the most delicious variety
  • Buttery smooth, delicate texture and rich, pronounced flavor
  • Use a simple cooking technique for this premium salmon, such as broiling or grilling


Source: North Pacific Coast (Alaska)
Wild Caught

  • Less oil content than other wild-caught salmon varieties
  • Relatively mild to moderate flavor, with the meatiest and firmest texture
  • Poach, bake, or sauté this lean fish to help it retain its moisture
  • You can also marinate the fish first and baste while cooking


Which type of shrimp is right for you? Learn more about each species to help you decide!

Gulf White

Source: Gulf of Mexico
Wild Caught

  • Mild-flavored shrimp with firm texture
  • Has notes of natural sweetness because they’re found in waters with less salinity
  • Color turns opaque when cooked
  • Can be breaded, stuffed, barbecued, or boiled with spices

Key West Pink

Source: Gulf of Mexico
Wild Caught

  • Very sweet taste and more flavorful than warm-water shrimp
  • Despite its name, the tail is actually more red than pink
  • When cooked, shell turns pink and meat turns opaque white tinged with pink
  • Sautee with garlic, or try them battered and quickly fried

Texas Brown

Source: Gulf of Mexico
Wild Caught

  • Mildly sweet with an earthy flavor and firm texture
  • Harvested in the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas to Alabama
  • These shrimp bury themselves in the muddy sand to hide from predators, giving them that robust earthy flavor

Argentine Red

Source: Argentina
Wild Caught

  • Vibrant reddish-pink shrimp caught in the depths of icy cold waters
  • Typically considered the sweetest shrimp in the world
  • Soft, delicate texture and taste that many people even compare to lobster tail
  • Delicious when lightly grilled or sauteed with garlic and lemon
  • Cooks in half the time of regular shrimp, so be careful not to overcook


Source: India
Sustainably Farm Raised

  • Firm, sweet and mild shrimp
  • Translucent white when raw but turn opaque pink once cooked
  • Raw shrimp take only 2-4 minutes to cook, and the tails will curl when done
  • We also offer these fully cooked, which can be reheated for 60-90 seconds at a rapid boil


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