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Always have something delicious on hand in your freezer. Many of our thin cuts can be cooked from frozen. Even for larger cuts, you can thaw, cook and eat all in the same day.

Cook thin cuts or smaller pieces right from frozen for the ultimate convenience.

Defrost thicker cuts quickly in a bowl of cold water or by adding water to the product tray.

Place larger cuts and roasts in a sink of cold water to defrost in no time.


Individually Quick Frozen

Individually quick frozen products are ideal to have on hand in your freezer. These items come in a resealable bag so you can use as much or as little as you want with no food waste. To defrost, put the desired amount in a plastic bag and place in a bowl of cold water until thawed.

Vacuum-Sealed Trays

Our vacuum-sealed trays were uniquely designed for defrosting. Simply pour cold tap water directly into the tray, changing the water every 30 minutes until the meat is completely thawed, or place it in the fridge the night before.

Ready to Eat Meals

The ultimate convenience, these meals require no defrost time and are ready in minutes. From Italian to Asian, we have meals to satisfy any craving. Remove from the freezer, heat, and eat. Simple and delicious!

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