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There’s nothing fresher than meat and seafood blast-frozen at -40 degrees. All of the nutrients and minerals are locked in. Not to mention the flavor.

And because the shelf life is dramatically increased without that annoying freezer crystallization, not only is frozen fresher – frozen is also much more convenient.

Cook what you need. Save what you don’t. No more waste. Only amazing taste.


We’re on a mission to transform the way you shop for and eat protein. Our process is simple: farm to freezer to your front door. We freeze faster than you can at home to seal in straight-from-the-farm flavor. Not only will you taste the difference, but we’ll prove why frozen really is fresher.

By controlling every step from farm to fork, we offer the largest selection of high-quality meat and seafood at the most affordable prices. We blast freeze our products at -40 °F to maintain peak freshness, reduce crystallization, and seal in vitamins and minerals.

This process is 10 times faster than standard freezing for locked-in taste and tenderness in every bite.


From farm to freezer to freaking delicious.

At Wild Fork, we carefully select our wide variety of high-quality meats, bringing you a true farm-to-fork experience. Our beef comes from the best slow feeders in regions such as Nebraska and Colorado, where the cooler climate and lush grasslands produce some of the top cattle in the world. We age our beef for 17 days to develop peak flavor and our pork for a minimum of 8 days – an industry first.

After aging our proteins to perfection, that’s when freezing begins. Thanks to quality sourcing and blast freezing, you can expect delicious flavor and tenderness, cut after cut.


More taste. Less waste.

Our products are conveniently blast frozen and packaged to reduce food waste by as much as 50%. Our vacuum-sealed packages can be quickly defrosted in a bowl of cold water in 30 minutes, just in time for dinner. And with Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) packs, you can cook just what you need, and save the rest for later.


You’re going to need a bigger freezer.

We carry cuts you won’t find anywhere else, with options for cooks of every kind. With over 700 products, our unbeatable selection includes beef, seafood, poultry, pork and beyond; rare finds for the adventurous foodie, from premium wagyu to exotic meats; sauces, spices and grilling gear for the BBQ enthusiast; and even easy, ready-to-eat meals for the everyday chef.

There are so many new options to explore with our extensive protein selection, and between our friendly butchers, personal chefs and online recipes, we’re here to guide you. Whether grass-fed, organic, wild caught or antibiotic-free, you can count on our unique variety, convenience, and quality every time.

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