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Wagyu is known as the highest-quality beef in the world, and for good reason: its distinctive marbling and unbelievable flavor. We've cut the bone out of this Wagyu Ribeye Steak to make it easier for you to enjoy this beautifully marbled cut. The result? A flavorful steak that cooks evenly and more quickly than its bone-in counterpart. Our Wagyu Ribeye Steak also contains a higher percentage of Omega 3 and Omega 6, and its increased marbling enhances the ratio of healthier mono-saturated fats compared to regular beef, which makes it a savory and nutritious. Our Wagyu beef comes from Tajima crossbred Wagyu cattle raised in Northern Victoria, Australia. Tajima cattle are the best known Wagyu bloodline and their beef is known for its unparalleled marbling and unbelievable eating experience.

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    Nutritional Facts

    Fact Value
    Ingredients Beef
    Thickness 1 1/4"
    Diet Paleo
    Country of Origin AU
    Package Type Tray
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