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Product and nutrition info

Tender lamb rib chops are extremely versatile and take only a few minutes per side to prepare if grilled or broiled. They also cook fast and deliciously by pan-frying. With simple, fresh seasoning to pronounce the meat's flavor, the chops do the rest! For a quick, delicious dinner, try cooking it with a little garlic and rosemary. Our all-natural lamb comes from farms and ranchers who follow our strict genetic, feeding and handling protocols. We appreciate the dedicated partnerships we’ve formed with family-owned farms and ranches that provide an environment where sheep are pasture-raised, allowing them to mature naturally. Plus, all animal-handling practices are third-party validated, requiring that all animals have ample space, access to food, water and shelter, and are handled gently to minimize stress. NEVER EVER means we: - NEVER use therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics - NEVER use supplemental hormones or growth-promoters - NEVER feed sheep any type of animal by-product

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  • BBQ

Nutritional Facts

Fact Value
Ingredients Lamb
Country of Origin AU
Package Type Individual Quick Frozen Bag
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