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USDA Choice Beef Outside Skirt Steak

Starting at Compare at $0.00 Sale price Regular price $22.47
Outside skirt steak is a unique cut full of rich fat marbling that’s best served medium-rare or medium. This rich marbling and tenderness mean it requires little seasoning other than coarse salt and a hint of black pepper or, if you wish, some light marinade. Outside skirt is best cooked evenly on each side over a searing hot grill, which ensures that the outside of the steak is crispy while the inside is moist and juicy. This cut has true global pedigree; it’s an all-time favorite in Argentina, where it’s known as entraña. At Wild Fork Foods, we predominantly source our beef from Colorado and Nebraska, where the cold weather attracts some of the best-quality English and continental breeds, such as Angus, Hereford and Limousin.

Country of Origin: United States of America
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Price estimate: $22.47 = ($14.98/LB X 1.5 LB)
Nutrition Info
Ingredients Beef
USDA Choice Beef Outside Skirt Steak nutritional facts

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