A5 Wagyu Location

Location, Location, Location.

Raised on the Miyazaki prefecture in the bucolic, southernmost part of the island of Japan, Miyazaki Wagyu cows are raised on a diet of corn, wheat and barley for 600 days in an ideal breeding environment.

Japanese Wagyu


The results are distinct cuts world-renowned for their smooth, velvety texture, juicy flavor and delicate but rich tasting notes.


Some Pretty Wild Accolades

This superior breed is the two-time champion of the Wagyu Olympics and has also received the Prime Minister's Award of Excellence three consecutive times.

Wagyu Grades

What in the Wild is A5?

A5 derives from the standards of grading beef which consist of Yield Grade (A,B,C) and Quality Grade (1-5). Grade A = Above Standard // 5 = Excellent (8-12). Our A5 steaks have superior marbling, scoring between 10-12 on BMS scale. Each steak is hand cut to approximately +/- 1 inch thick. Simply thaw, remove from package, salt, and cook in cast iron skillet at high heat - no oil necessary as fat will melt. Enjoy this ultimate eating experience.

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