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Our Frozen is fresher.
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Exclusive sourcing, wide selection,
blast freezing, precise aging,
and convenient packaging.


What took me so long? I first tried yak burgers in Colorado, where people are raising yak all over the place. I was so impressed.
definitely as good as the best beef hamburger but with so many fewer bad consequences. How did low cholesterol ground meat get so delicious? – Madeleine B.

We marinade the Boneless Thin Coppa Pork Steaks for a few hours- with lemon juice , orange juice- brown sugar, fish sauce, some garlic- red pepper flakes... and then followed the direcctions in this website- so good !!
– Maga

Used the Ground Beef Round 85% Lean 15% Fat for tacos. It tasted great! My husband is hard to impress and he kept saying “that’s good beef”! It’s actually better than “The Beef People”.
I can’t wait to order more for burgers on the grill. – Sandy T.

This is the second time I’ve had the whole duck but it will not be my last. I did it on a big green egg grill and it was delicious. –Margaret O.

Last night we had the skirt steak, to die for delicious. For sure I'll do all my meat shopping at Wild Fork.


Flash Frozen is the way to go and it gave us the ability to stock up on fresh meat -especially when there is a sale, without worrying about spoilage.
The food was DELICIOUS!!


I've bought their meats within the past month and the ribeye steak that we had for dinner was one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life.
All the products I ordered were still frozen after I got home.
It comes well packaged and the prices are great. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know!

–Kristina S.F.

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